Not all cruise ships are vast, floating resorts. Whether you're a traditionalist with an urge to sail the oceans on a smaller vessel with like-minded individuals or simply want to try something different, and yearn to set sail and let the wind take you to your destination, then a tall ship cruise could be ideal for you! Travellers get to know one another quickly, and new and enduring friendships are made.

Powered by the bluster of the ocean winds, tall ship sailing systems are still operated by hand by a talented deck crew - in itself an awe-inspiring thing to witness and experience! Being smaller than commercial cruise ships, tall ships boast unbounded access to some of the world's most beautiful and unfrequented ports.

In place of organised entertainment, you can enjoy the unique charm of your tall ship on your own watch, while itineraries are loaded with a wide variety of activities to suit almost any taste or interest - including kayaking, scuba diving, beach combing, shopping, golfing, hiking, nature tours and even a night sleeping under the stars!


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