The perfect way to visit real off-the-beaten track locations, expedition and adventure cruises enable those looking for something entirely different to experience some of the most stunning, remote and unexplored regions on the planet - from the polar ice caps to the tropical Galapagos Islands.

Much smaller than ocean liners, expedition vessels have shallow drafts to ease navigation and access those lesser-known, out-of-reach ports and islands, and are accompanied by an experienced expedition team. Onboard, there's a greater focus on enrichment and talks, rather than the traditional entertainment programmes typical of cruising. Scientifically-oriented guest lecturers provide incredible insight into the history, geography, culture and ecology of the destinations the ship will be visiting, preparing guests to hit the ground running so they're ready to explore. Academics, researchers and authors are common both as lecturers and passengers, adding to the enrapturing after-dinner conversations.

Expedition cruises offer a much more fluid and flexible schedule, to take advantage of weather and sea conditions, as well as sightings of rare wildlife - plus unscheduled landings are not uncommon, adding to the thrills and spontaneity of this unique cruise type!

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