As soon as you step onboard a Uniworld ship, you'll notice a difference, a statement which proudly says: we are different, our ships are as unique as you are, and as stunning as the destinations you'll visit. You'll enter a world of sumptuous and extravagant attention to detail - both in terms of your elegant surroundings and the impeccable service you'll receive. Opulent and decadent, bold colours, pastel palettes, dazzling mirrors, brocades, and a Baroque style, these floating hotels resemble the great palaces of Europe, and are works of art and visual feasts. But this artistry goes beyond the surface. For Uniworld, creating a boutique luxury travel experience, delivering superlative service, and immersing its guests in the cultures and history of a destination is art.

With Uniworld's four decades of experience in river cruising and their connection to their five-star sister company, Red Carnation Hotel Collection, Uniworld have decades' of experience and knowledge in delivering an exclusive boutique hotel experience on the rivers of the world - and by maintaining full control over nautical, hospitality and culinary operations, they can ensure exceptional standards and unforgettable experiences for every guests on every cruise. With a focus on attention to detail, more onboard staff, and by getting to know your needs and preferences, Uniworld is better able to anticipate your needs, boasting outstanding service and the highest of standards. They even offer butlers for the suites onboard their European fleet (except in Russia and Portugal) who are trained to the same exacting standards as those expected by Buckingham Palace. Put simply, their service is second to none.

With your Uniworld river cruise, you'll enjoy a culinary journey as rich and varied as your journey by river, savouring creations not just inspired by, but created with the freshest and high-quality local ingredients, of the destinations visited along the river. Ingredients are sourced from regional farms, farmers' markets and artisanal producers, so each meal is shaped by the unique character of the region and season. Exquisite food can be enjoyed throughout the day from early-riser breakfast to dinner under the stars on the Sun Deck.

As you cruise to each destination, you'll be offered a broader range of onshore experiences, along with the unrivalled level of personalisation that Uniworld offers - from a flexible range of options available in each destination to exceptional once-in-a-lifetime experiences. Choice is Yours included excursions offer a number of choices in every city along the way, enabling guests to personalise their experience even more, and to make the most of each destination, whether it's their first time or their hundredth! For those guests who are keen on keeping active, Go Active hiking and biking excursions are led by a local naturalist or sports guide, but there's also the option to explore independently with complimentary bicycles and helmets or Nordic walking sticks. However if you're dealing with mobility issues or simply prefer a more leisurely pace, Gentle Walking excursions are ideal. You can enjoy authentic cultural experiences, from tasting beloved regional foods to exploring hidden gems, with special Do as the Locals Do excursions, while Uniworld's exclusive Village Day programme offers an intimate look at small villages along the waterways of Europe and Russia, and you'll be able to gain an unique insight into rural life visiting local homes, farms and workshops. From dancing the Viennese waltz in a magnificent UNESCO-listed palais to enjoying the hospitality of a princess at her castle home, or tasting unique aperitifs at a vinegar estate, Uniworld offer unforgettable experiences available solely to Uniworld guests with their Exclusive Excursions.

Rachel and Amy have visited River Empress in Amsterdam at the River Cruise Convention

Amy says: 'The River Empress was just gorgeous, and utterly striking. The lobby featured a glitzy chandelier and some uber-cool artwork, while the lounge/bar had a 19th century Parisian feel, with beautiful colours and embroideries, and the staterooms and suites were very boutique-style with brocade and incredibly comfortable looking beds. It's great to visit a river ship which has its own character and style, and it was clear that there was a lot of meticulous attention to detail throughout the ship.'

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The rivers of Europe and Asia. Boasting sublime, six-star style cruising on the rivers of Europe onboard their ornate ships, which are renowned for their meticulous attention to detail and spectacular decor, Uniworld offer cruises on the river Po and the Venetian Lagoon, and the Volga, as well as the more frequently travelled rivers of the Rhine, Danube, Seine, Rhône, Dordogne and Garonne, and the Douro. In Europe, Uniworld also offer a number of themed cruises - from Christmas Markets to a celebration of French food and wine, cruises which highlight Europe's aristocratic heritage in depth, and cruises which are suited for families. Their more exotic itineraries include the Ganges, Yangtze and the Mekong, as well as the Nile.


Flowing through much of Eastern & Central Europe, through many culturally & historically rich cities - from Belgrade, Budapest and Vienna to Linz, Bratislava & Regensburg - and offering stunning scenery of castle-topped hills, and half-timbered houses, it's easy to see why the Danube is the most popular choice for river cruisers
durnstein, austria, danube.jpg


Meandering some 766miles from the Swiss Alps through Liechtenstein Austria, France, Germany and the Netherlands, a cruise on the Rhine offers Alpine slopes, fairytale castles, the famous Black Forest and the scenic Rhine Gorge, windmills, and villages, towns and cities steeped in history
cologne, germany, rhine.jpg


The mighty Mekong is the beating heart of Indochina, winding 3,000 miles from China through Burma, Laos, Thailand, Cambodia, and Vietnam. Explore lush jungles, hill tribes, rice paddies, and Luang Prabang and Vientiane on the Upper Mekong, or the delights of Vietnam and Cambodia on the Lower Mekong
Beautiful Mekong River.jpg


Sail along the world's most sacred river, and discover a rich history and kaleidoscopic culture, from grand Victorian mansions and monuments, elaborate temples and mosques to remote towns and villages, and worshippers bathing in the sacred waters of the Ganges
varanasi women.jpg


Flowing from the rich winelands of Burgundy, through the heart of the city of love, Paris, and northwards into the orchards, wooded hills and historic towns of Normandy, the Seine has captured the imagination of artists for centuries, and Seine river cruises continue to delight with their Gallic charm
eiffel tower, paris, seine.jpg


A Rhône river cruise takes you through France’s gastronomic heartland, from Burgundy's winelands, to the lavender fields of Provence, offering epicurean delights, charming & historic cities, from Lyon to Arles & Avignon, and landscapes so beautiful, they seduced artists such as Van Gogh & Cezanne
lyon the Terreaux square with fountain in Lyon city.jpg


An UNESCO-World Heritage Site, the so-called 'Golden Valley' offers sun-drenched riverside bliss, complete with unique cities, quaint sleepy villages, cosy quintas, and steeply terraced vineyards, bringing all the charm of Spain and Portugal, and exquisite tastings of the famous Port wine
oporto on the douro.jpg

Dordogne and Garonne

A Dordogne and Garonne river cruise is ideal for wine lovers and culture vultures, looking to discover a region of fine vineyards and fertile farmland, and towns renowned for their history and architecture, most notably the city of Bordeaux, where the two rivers meet to form the Gironde estuary.
place de la bourse bordeaux.jpg


Flowing from central Russia into the Caspian Sea, Russia's national river pumps through 11 of its largest cities, including the capital, Moscow, and the former Imperial capital of St Petersburg. A Volga river cruise offers fantastic perspectives of these two grand cities and everything in between
moscow volga.jpg


China's lifelife, the Yangtze (or 'Yellow River') stretches some 3,900 miles from Shanghai through China's heartland, and for many makes for a once-in-a-lifetime river cruise.
Yangtze beautiful nanchang tengwang pavilion at dusk.jpg


A Nile river cruise is a journey taking you back through 5,000 years of history, past palm-tree lined river banks, drifting sand dunes, and timeless farming scenes, to some of the greatest treasures of the ancient world from Abu Simbel to the Valleys of the Kings and Queens
Edfu Temple of Horus Egypt .jpg

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