Swan Hellenic

'See what others don't' with Swan Hellenic, the legacy cruise line with an impressive heritage of pioneering cultural cruising dating back over 70 years. After the original Swan Hellenic sadly collapsed in 2017, it's being revived for 2021 and the 21st century, combining state-of-the-art technology and a modern finish with the iconic brand's core values that made it a firm favourite for its guests.

Presenting the new SH Minerva

Paying homage to the original Swans is important to the revived Swan Hellenic, and their first ship (due to launch in November 2021) will commemorate the beloved Minerva with its name. More 'Vega class' expedition ships will follow, starting from April 2022.

Although Minerva's polished brass, wood panelling, and country-house style will be replaced and modernised with the clean lines and cooler colour palettes of 'Scandi chic', the new SH Minerva and Vega class are designed with sophisticated elegance and comfort in mind. The hardware has been upgraded with the latest technology, incorporating a PC5 ice-strengthened hull combined with extra-large stabilisers to make your journey as smooth as possible, but - like the original - this is about small-ship cruising (carrying just 152 guests, and 120 crew, offering an almost 1:1 crew to guest ratio), providing an intimate and convivial atmosphere and bringing you closer to the destinations, thanks both to the size of the ship, but also thanks to the emphasis in the ships' designs on wide open, unobstructed views throughout the ship. The destination will always be in view - even in the sauna!

The heart of Swan Hellenic will always be on unique itineraries and the team of leading experts onboard to enrich guests' knowledge and experience. With this, though the hardware is very different and modernised, the legacy of Swan Hellenic continues.

What's Included

  • One night pre-cruise hotel accommodation with breakfast
  • Transfer from the airport to the hotel on the day prior to embarkation
  • Transfer from the hotel to the port for embarkation
  • Transfer from the port to the airport on return
  • Onboard accommodation
  • All meals onboard including room service 24 hours a day
  • Coffee, tea, soft drinks & select alcoholic beverages 24 hours a day
  • Lecture programmes by our experienced expedition team and guest speakers
  • Basic WIFI inclusion (Premium WIFI available)
  • Onboard gratuities & port taxes
  • Branded Swan Hellenic expedition parka (On Arctic/Far East Russia/Antarctica cruises)
  • Shore excursion programme led by expert expedition team (On Arctic/Far East Russia/Antarctica cruises)
  • Use of rubber boots for shore landings (On Arctic/Far East Russia/Antarctica cruises)
  • On shore transfer per port of call (On Rest of the World Cruises)
  • Return flights: Buenos Aires to Ushuaia or Santiago to Ushuaia (On Antarctica cruises)

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