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From 2018, get ready to experience an entirely new level of luxury travel, experiencing some of the most staggeringly beautiful regions of the world on intimate and handcrafted journeys, on a custom-designed discovery yacht, the first of its kind, which boasts the finest amenities you would expect from a 5* hotel. From the privacy of your verandah, take in stunning sunsets, cosy up with a good book, observe marine life, and watch the beauty of the passing landscapes. With five dining venues onboard, from pan-Asian to Italian fine dining, your taste buds will be awakened, and enjoy convivial pre-dinner cocktails with new friends in the main lounge, spotting icebergs off the bow.

The Scenic Eclipse, launching Scenic's foray into ocean cruising, takes Scenic's experience in travel and river cruising to the oceans. Over three years in the making before plans were revealed in January 2016, Eclipse will be a yacht like no other before it, enabling guests to soar above, dive below, and go beyond - experiencing travel in breath-taking, unparalleled ways. A smaller ship - with just over 200 discerning travellers - you'll be able to enjoy exclusive access to locations unreachable by larger ships, getting even closer with local shore excursions, zodiac, kayak and snorkelling adventures. With the yacht's six-seat, twin engine helicopters, the sky is no longer the limit, and as you fly over the dramatic crags of the Scottish Isles, venture further inland than most on Antarctica, or over the sparkling coral cays of the Caribbean, have your breath taken away by incredible sights, while the custom-built submarine promises optimal sightseeing as you discover ancient underwater ruins in the Aegean Sea, the dazzling beauty of the Caribbean coral, or just watch in humble amazement as a polar bear searches for food in waters of the Arctic.

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Cruise with Scenic to...

From the polar waters of the Arctic and Antarctica to the tropical islands of the Caribbean, Scenic Ocean Cruises will take you in style to some of the world's most beautiful destinations


Part of the northernmost Mediterranean, the Adriatic Sea offers cruises to the famous canals of Venice, the stunning allure of Croatia, and the charms of Montenegro, discovering a wealth of beauty, culture, and history
venice at dusk.jpg

British Isles

Enjoy exploring Britain's beautiful countryside, ancient castles, famous historic sites and famous cities on a no-fly cruise around the British Isles, admiring Britain and Ireland from an unique perspective onboard your floating hotel
Eilean Donan Castle - Scotland pink sky at night.jpg

Caribbean and Bahamas

For many, a Caribbean cruise is the ultimate cruise, island hopping and discovering pristine, sunkissed beaches and verdant rainforests, soaking up the sun and the laidback atmosphere ashore, and the comfort and luxury onboard
caribbean beach at sunset.jpg

Eastern Med and the Aegean

Blue domes and charming white-washed buildings, quaint fishing villages, and some of the greatest civilisations of antiquity can be discovered on a cruise to the Eastern Mediterranean and the Aegean
Amazing sunset at Oia, santorini.jpg

Norwegian Fjords

The best way to experience the spectacular scenery of Norway and its famous fjords is by cruise - combine culture, history, scenery, and wildlife with the Midnight Sun in the summer and Northern Lights in the winter, and it's easy to see why Norway's fjords are amongst the most popular cruise destinations
trolltunga geirangerfjord norway.jpg

Panama Canal and Central America

Cruise to Central America and explore jungle-clad ruins, snorkel along colourful reefs, hike through tropical rainforests discovering wildlife from howler monkeys and sloths to macaws and toucans, and sail through the famous Panama Canal, one of the world's greatest engineering marvels
costa rica sloth.jpg

Polar Realms

Go the extreme ends of the world - the Arctic and Antarctica - on an unforgettable cruise, encountering wildlife and having your breath taken away by some of the most dramatic landscapes found on earth
arctic polar bear on ice.jpg

South America

From Rio's colourful carnival to the dense jungle and mysteries ruins of Machu Picchu, from the intriguing Easter Island to cosmopolitan Buenos Aires, from the power of Iguazu Falls to the wilderness of Patagonia - explore all this, and more, on a South American cruise!
machu picchu misty.jpg

Western Med

Experience the chic glamour of southern France and Monaco, Renaissance history and rustic Italian charms, volcanoes and charming fishing villages, soak up the sunshine and feast on tapas along Spain's Mediterranean coast, sundrenched islands, and so much more on a Western Mediterranean cruise
cinque terre.jpg

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