Opulent suites, contemporary and stylish design, personalised service from your own butler, exquisite food served from a variety of venues from the all-day River Cafe to the elegant Crystal Dining, a rich and varied range of activities and sightseeing to enhance your shoreside experiences, exclusive once-in-a-lifetime events and moments of wonder you'll never forget, and some truly innovative features all combine to create an unique and luxurious river cruise experience onboard Scenic.

With their all-inclusive river cruises, you can simply relax without having to worry about putting your hand in your pocket for transfers, tips, excursions, or even your mini-bar. Everything has been thought of and taken care of, for your convenience - right up to bottled water onshore! Plus, your personal butler will be on hand to ensure your Scenic experience is extra special.

The state-of-the-art fleet of 'space ships' boast first-class design, the luxury of spaciousness, and some exciting revolutionary touches from the exclusive and innovative 'Scenic Sun Lounges' - a private all-weather balcony at the touch of a button - to the pioneering 'Tailormade GPS', allowing you to explore further afield, and head off the beaten track for some independent discoveries.


Rachel and Amy have both stayed overnight on Scenic Opal.

Amy says: 'I thought the Scenic Opal was incredibly stylish, it was so slick it just seemed to gleam. She's very modernistic in style and incredibly spacious. I loved the innovative window/balcony, I thought that was really clever.'

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A Scenic river cruise takes you along the waterways of Europe and south-east Asia in the utmost style and comfort, complete with some extraordinary and exclusive experiences to really enhance your journey.


Flowing through much of Eastern & Central Europe, through many culturally & historically rich cities - from Belgrade, Budapest and Vienna to Linz, Bratislava & Regensburg - and offering stunning scenery of castle-topped hills, and half-timbered houses, it's easy to see why the Danube is the most popular choice for river cruisers
durnstein, austria, danube.jpg


Meandering some 766miles from the Swiss Alps through Liechtenstein Austria, France, Germany and the Netherlands, a cruise on the Rhine offers Alpine slopes, fairytale castles, the famous Black Forest and the scenic Rhine Gorge, windmills, and villages, towns and cities steeped in history
cologne, germany, rhine.jpg


The mighty Mekong is the beating heart of Indochina, winding 3,000 miles from China through Burma, Laos, Thailand, Cambodia, and Vietnam. Explore lush jungles, hill tribes, rice paddies, and Luang Prabang and Vientiane on the Upper Mekong, or the delights of Vietnam and Cambodia on the Lower Mekong
Beautiful Mekong River.jpg


The Irrawaddy is becoming increasingly popular as Myanmar (Burma), the new hot spot, opens up more to tourism. An Irrawaddy river cruise offers vibrant river life - from rare Irrawaddy dolphins to locals - and scenic riverbanks dotted with rural villages and glittering pagodas
farmer wearing traditional thankaha in bagan burma myanmar.jpg


Flowing from the rich winelands of Burgundy, through the heart of the city of love, Paris, and northwards into the orchards, wooded hills and historic towns of Normandy, the Seine has captured the imagination of artists for centuries, and Seine river cruises continue to delight with their Gallic charm
eiffel tower, paris, seine.jpg


A Rhône river cruise takes you through France’s gastronomic heartland, from Burgundy's winelands, to the lavender fields of Provence, offering epicurean delights, charming & historic cities, from Lyon to Arles & Avignon, and landscapes so beautiful, they seduced artists such as Van Gogh & Cezanne
lyon the Terreaux square with fountain in Lyon city.jpg


An UNESCO-World Heritage Site, the so-called 'Golden Valley' offers sun-drenched riverside bliss, complete with unique cities, quaint sleepy villages, cosy quintas, and steeply terraced vineyards, bringing all the charm of Spain and Portugal, and exquisite tastings of the famous Port wine
oporto on the douro.jpg

Dordogne and Garonne

A Dordogne and Garonne river cruise is ideal for wine lovers and culture vultures, looking to discover a region of fine vineyards and fertile farmland, and towns renowned for their history and architecture, most notably the city of Bordeaux, where the two rivers meet to form the Gironde estuary.
place de la bourse bordeaux.jpg


Flowing from central Russia into the Caspian Sea, Russia's national river pumps through 11 of its largest cities, including the capital, Moscow, and the former Imperial capital of St Petersburg. A Volga river cruise offers fantastic perspectives of these two grand cities and everything in between
moscow volga.jpg

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