Hurtigruten isn't your usual kind of cruise line. You'll return from your Hurtigruten cruise with tales of husky sledging, sailing under the Midnight Sun or waiting in the comfort and warmth of the ship before heading out on deck to be awed by the wonder of the Northern Lights, spotting a polar bear or getting close to penguins, kayaking in the ocean or going on an exhilarating fishing expedition. From the comfortable base of your ship, you'll be able to experience unforgettable adventures on land, whether along the Norwegian coastline, the Arctic - from Greenland and Iceland to Spitsbergen, as well as the North Cape - and the legendary Antarctic Peninsula, and South America. This is the stuff of story-telling and creating memories, gaining insight into the history, culture and wildlife of the places you'll visit on your voyage - whether on an expedition cruise or one of Hurtigruten's signature Norwegian coastal voyages, you'll be joined by a knowledgeable and experienced expedition team to enhance your experience.

Onboard, you can soak up a relaxed, laid-back atmosphere, in the comfort of the spacious public areas or your cabin. Food is delicious and locally sourced, and - in keeping with the laid back atmosphere - the main restaurant is a sumptuous and varied buffet, but there's also a specialty fine dining experience on offer, too. While sailing in some of the world's most beautifully scenic regions, you'll be able to take in the utter beauty of your surroundings up on deck, or relaxing with a drink in the warmth of the observation lounge and bar.

With their smaller ships, Hurtigruten are able to go off the beaten track. Although best known for their Norwegian coastal voyages, a journey which has been called 'the World's most beautiful voyage' and a journey they've been perfecting for over a century, Hurtigruten also offer adventurous expedition cruises to the Arctic and Antarctica on a select number of their ships which are specially adapted for charting polar waters, and will soon be sailing warmer waters, too. Along the Norwegian coast line, there's a very different experience to a traditional cruise - not least because of the onboard expedition team, but because the ships carry freight and mail, too, and many Norwegians (and other passengers) will stay onboard for just a few stops only, as a ferry service. Because of this, a classic Norwegian Coastal round trip will visit remoter stops not usually on a cruise itinerary, and will often visit stops twice, once in daylight and once at night time. Which ever voyage you sail with Hurtigruten, you can rest assured it'll be refreshingly different, insightful, and simply unforgettable.

Amy and Rachel have sailed on Kong Harald for a couple nights from Bergen up Sognefjord and have visited the Midnatsol.

Amy says: 'I 'heart-igruten' Hurtigruten! When I was onboard the recently refurbished Kong Harald, I was impressed by its Scandi Chic interiors, and the relaxed atmosphere onboard. It's very casual and laid back, you can just relax and enjoy the gorgeous scenery, on deck or in the panorama lounge whilst enjoying a drink. The food, locally sourced from the Norwegian Coast as part of Hurtigruten's Norwegian Coastal Kitchen, was sublime and utterly delicious. The buffet boasted a good variety and the tastiest beetroot I've ever had - and be sure to try reindeer if it's there! The specialty restaurant was also divine, and I would recommend eating in there too. I'd also recommend trying the ice cream, particularly the cinnamon and apple pie flavoured scoop...but perhaps not the fish-flavoured ice cream, unless you're brave!'

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Best known for their Norwegian Coastal Voyages, Hurtigruten's ships are ideal for exploring the fascinating towns and villages along the Norwegian coast, sailing along the country's legendary fjords, and the Lofoten Islands. With their intrepid spirit and expert expedition teams, Hurtigruten also offer adventurous voyages in the Arctic and Antarctica, and are starting to charter warmer waters in the Amazon and South America, too. One of their newest and boldest itineraries will feature going up to the Canadian Arctic and Baffin Island.


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