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Luxuriate in the knowledge that, with Crystal, everything is taken care of - the discreet, friendly and attentive service is unparalleled; the cuisine is simply divine; and the destinations and itineraries are thrilling. The Crystal Cruises' difference is clear, and it's easy to see why Crystal is the most awarded luxury cruise line.

Crystal is clear on quality - it endeavours to be the best, and it delivers the best. The attention to detail is simply second to none. A leader in luxury, Crystal is a pioneer in offering exemplary guest experiences - the first cruise line to partner with celebrity chefs, thanks to their exclusive partnership with the esteemed chef Nobu Matsuhisa, the first to debut a Computer University@Sea with personal e-mail and Internet Services, and the first to launch a Wine & Food Festival, Crystal don't just stay ahead of the curve, they trailblaze global luxury travel trends.

The all-inclusive Crystal Experience is distinguished by its incomparable blend of beautifully designed ships, bold itineraries - Crystal will soon be the first luxury cruise line to transit the North West Passage - as well as customised destination immersion, and superlative service. Onboard or ashore, you have a wealth of choices available - from Experiences of Discovery theme cruises focusing on music, dance, wine, food, wellness, golf, or more, the Crystal Visions Enrichment Programme lecture series on every voyages, where you can hear from the likes of destination and world affairs experts, authors, astronauts, celebrities, economists, and more, PGA hosted golf clinics and private clinics, to over 2,000 Crystal Adventures shore excursions available for all activity levels and Crystal Boutique Adventures, which offer privileged and unequalled access and insight on one-of-a-kind shore excursions.


Rachel has sailed on Crystal Serenity. Both Rachel and Amy have visited Crystal Symphony.

Amy says: 'Crystal Symphony is an elegant and refined ship, and I thought she was beautiful - but what I remember most was when we were lucky enough to have a lunch onboard during our visit, which showcased courses from their different restaurants. The starter was a lobster spring roll from Silk Road by Nobu, and then we had a course from Prego, the Italian specialty restaurant, which was a butternut squash risotto, and was so utterly divine I still have dreams about it a year later! I don't usually like risotto, but that was something else!'

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Crystal offers some truly exciting itineraries to some of the world's most beautiful destinations


Part of the northernmost Mediterranean, the Adriatic Sea offers cruises to the famous canals of Venice, the stunning allure of Croatia, and the charms of Montenegro, discovering a wealth of beauty, culture, and history
venice at dusk.jpg


Along Africa’s 16,000 mile long coastline, you can discover bustling Arab souks and ancient, historic cities, combine the stunning Kenyan & Tanzanian wildlife with a magical Indian Ocean Cruise, or explore South Africa’s cosmopolitan Cape Town - and so much more
aerial view of cape town.jpg


Explore North America's last great frontier on a dazzling cruise, discovering a abundance of natural beauty from stunning coastal waterways, glaciers and fjords to the awe-inspiring sights of grizzly bears catching wild salmon and migrating whales, and enjoy excellent canoeing and hiking
anchorage, alaska.jpg

Arabian Gulf and the Red Sea

From the modern opulence and extravagance of the extraordinary metropolises of Abu Dhabi and Dubai to the Jordanian port of Aqaba, gateway to the ancient treasures of Petra and the wide expanses of the Wadi Rum, an Arabian Gulf and Red Sea cruise has so much to offer!
dubai marina.jpg


Immerse yourself in Asia's diverse cultures and admire its contrasts, discovering ancient temples and bustling cities, sublime food, engaging people, and a wealth of history on an Asian cruise, exploringThailand, China, Japan, Singapore, Hong Kong, Vietnam, Cambodia, India, Indonesia and more
japanese geishas, kyoto.jpg

Australia and New Zealand

A cruise to Australia and New Zealand offers the adventure of a lifetime: diverse landscapes, exotic wildlife, including the unique koalas, wallabies and Tasmanian Devils, as well as sightings of Emperor Penguins and humpback whales, cosmopolitan coastal cities, fascinating indigenous cultures, and more!
kangaroos on a beach in australia.jpg

The Baltic

Discover some of the oldest monarchies and some of the youngest democracies, fairytale cities, elegant palaces, and vibrant capitals along the Baltic Sea, from Copenhagen to St Petersburg, and more in between
russia, st petersburg, church of the saviour on spilled blood at night.jpg

British Isles

Enjoy exploring Britain's beautiful countryside, ancient castles, famous historic sites and famous cities on a no-fly cruise around the British Isles, admiring Britain and Ireland from an unique perspective onboard your floating hotel
Eilean Donan Castle - Scotland pink sky at night.jpg

Canaries and Azores

The charming archipelagos of the Azores and the Canary Islands are both blessed with rugged good looks and great year-round weather. With dramatic landscapes and volcanoes, quaint fishing villages, and plenty of opportunities to cruise from the UK, it’s easy to see why cruises to the Azores and Canaries are so popular
funchal madeira botanical garden.jpg

Caribbean and Bahamas

For many, a Caribbean cruise is the ultimate cruise, island hopping and discovering pristine, sunkissed beaches and verdant rainforests, soaking up the sun and the laidback atmosphere ashore, and the comfort and luxury onboard
caribbean beach at sunset.jpg

Europe's Atlantic Coasts

Whether you're cruising to Portugal, France and Spain's western coasts, or Belgium, the Netherlands and northern France, discover Europe's Atlantic coasts
lisbon panoramic.jpg

Panama Canal and Central America

Cruise to Central America and explore jungle-clad ruins, snorkel along colourful reefs, hike through tropical rainforests discovering wildlife from howler monkeys and sloths to macaws and toucans, and sail through the famous Panama Canal, one of the world's greatest engineering marvels
costa rica sloth.jpg

Polar Realms

Go the extreme ends of the world - the Arctic and Antarctica - on an unforgettable cruise, encountering wildlife and having your breath taken away by some of the most dramatic landscapes found on earth
arctic polar bear on ice.jpg

South America

From Rio's colourful carnival to the dense jungle and mysteries ruins of Machu Picchu, from the intriguing Easter Island to cosmopolitan Buenos Aires, from the power of Iguazu Falls to the wilderness of Patagonia - explore all this, and more, on a South American cruise!
machu picchu misty.jpg

South Pacific

Enjoy the perfect retreat as you discover crystal clear azure waters which glitter under the sun, and exotic tropical paradise islands on your South Pacific cruise, exploring coral fringed lagoons and islands as stunning as Bora Bora, Tahiti, French Polynesia, and Fiji
bora bora south pacific.jpg

USA and Canada

West Coast or East Coast, Atlantic or Pacific. See the puffins & lighthouses of Canada's rugged East Coast, admire the iconic Manhattan skyline, visit Boston's historical sites, feast on lobster in Maine, cruise Hawaii's tropical waters, or discover California from LA to San Francisco - and more!
san francisco golden gate bridge at night.jpg

Western Med

Experience the chic glamour of southern France and Monaco, Renaissance history and rustic Italian charms, volcanoes and charming fishing villages, soak up the sunshine and feast on tapas along Spain's Mediterranean coast, sundrenched islands, and so much more on a Western Mediterranean cruise
cinque terre.jpg

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