From the moment you're met from home and transferred to the airport or Eurostar train station by a private chauffeur-driven executive car, you'll enjoy a river cruise experience which anticipates your needs, ensures every comfort or whim is met, and makes you feel right at home. Specially designed suites on their Suite Ships boast revolutionary floor-to-ceiling sliding panorama windows which open up to seven feet across, so you can relax in the utmost comfort 'outside' while admiring the stunning views of castles, vineyards and quaint villages. The luxurious Comfort Collection bed is angled to make the best of the expansive riverside views, and with premium mattress covers, Egyptian super-combed cotton linens and European-style duvets, you can be assured of every comfort. Avalon's spacious suites are beautifully furnished and well appointed in a contemporary style, and boast such amenities as a fully stocked mini-bar, complimentary bottled water, flat screen televisions and premium L'Occitaine bathroom products.

The meticulous attention to detail to ensure a relaxing river cruise experience goes beyond the suites - wherever you are onboard, you'll find a light and airy atmosphere and plenty of space. Whether in the Sky Bistro, Panorama Lounge, Observation Lounge, Club Lounge, or up on the sun deck, you'll be able to admire both the contemporary and stylish decor and the stunning views outside, and find a cosy spot to relax and soak up the ambience. But you'll also be charmed by Avalon's friendly and personalised service, and the freedom of choice available - both in terms of dining and shoreside excursions. Whether it's an early morning buffet or a grilled meal in the Sky Bistro, the dining is exquisite and prepared by expert chefs from fresh, locally sourced ingredients, reflecting the cuisine of the regions visited.

Ashore, you'll be taken to the heart of each destination and able to discover more with Avalon's complimentary range of comprehensive sightseeing excursions led by expert Certified Local Guides. With your individual personal audio headset, you'll be able to look a little closer and roam freely through some of Europe's most famous attractions without missing any commentary. Plus Avalon offer exclusive alternative excursions in select destinations, and offer a choice of sightseeing pace - 'Traditional' for all the major sights, or a slower, 'Leisurely' pace, or 'Independent' to explore on your own - in most cities. Furthermore, with Avalon's wide variety of themed cruises, you can indulge your passions with specially tailored cruises, complete with onboard presentations by leading subject experts, special activities and more- from wine appreciation or beer tasting, even culinary cruises, to history cruises focusing on Jewish Heritage, the First World War, the Habsburg Empire, or European History and Politics, from art & Impressionism to Music cruises, including Jazz or Opera, to Golf Cruises, a Wellness Cruise, or even Festive cruises!

Amy and Rachel have cruised along the Rhine from Cologne to Amsterdam on Avalon Poetry, and have seen Avalon Passion and Avalon Imagery II whilst under construction in the shipyard.

Amy says: 'I really love the suites onboard Avalon Waterways, not only are they spacious and well appointed, but they're cleverly designed to make the absolute most of the passing scenery with floor to ceiling windows, which can be opened right up to create a balcony. Just make sure that you draw the curtains whilst getting changed!'

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Not only offering cruises along Europe's most popular and iconic rivers, Avalon sails along the Yangtze, Mekong and Irrawaddy in Asia, the mighty Amazon, and even offers cruises to the Galapagos Islands - boasting an unique range among river cruise lines


Flowing through much of Eastern & Central Europe, through many culturally & historically rich cities - from Belgrade, Budapest and Vienna to Linz, Bratislava & Regensburg - and offering stunning scenery of castle-topped hills, and half-timbered houses, it's easy to see why the Danube is the most popular choice for river cruisers
durnstein, austria, danube.jpg


Meandering some 766miles from the Swiss Alps through Liechtenstein Austria, France, Germany and the Netherlands, a cruise on the Rhine offers Alpine slopes, fairytale castles, the famous Black Forest and the scenic Rhine Gorge, windmills, and villages, towns and cities steeped in history
cologne, germany, rhine.jpg


The mighty Mekong is the beating heart of Indochina, winding 3,000 miles from China through Burma, Laos, Thailand, Cambodia, and Vietnam. Explore lush jungles, hill tribes, rice paddies, and Luang Prabang and Vientiane on the Upper Mekong, or the delights of Vietnam and Cambodia on the Lower Mekong
Beautiful Mekong River.jpg


An exotic river cruise experience if ever there was one - cruising the mighty Amazon, you'll sail through the world's richest rainforest, which positively pulsates with bird calls, squawking monkeys and buzzing insects, looking out for rare pink river dolphins, turtles, caiman, and giant otters on the river itself!
woolly monkey in the amazon.jpg


Flowing from the rich winelands of Burgundy, through the heart of the city of love, Paris, and northwards into the orchards, wooded hills and historic towns of Normandy, the Seine has captured the imagination of artists for centuries, and Seine river cruises continue to delight with their Gallic charm
eiffel tower, paris, seine.jpg


A Rhône river cruise takes you through France’s gastronomic heartland, from Burgundy's winelands, to the lavender fields of Provence, offering epicurean delights, charming & historic cities, from Lyon to Arles & Avignon, and landscapes so beautiful, they seduced artists such as Van Gogh & Cezanne
lyon the Terreaux square with fountain in Lyon city.jpg

Dordogne and Garonne

A Dordogne and Garonne river cruise is ideal for wine lovers and culture vultures, looking to discover a region of fine vineyards and fertile farmland, and towns renowned for their history and architecture, most notably the city of Bordeaux, where the two rivers meet to form the Gironde estuary.
place de la bourse bordeaux.jpg


The ultimate nature retreat, the Galapagos Islands are a haven for wildlife, and a must-do, bucketlist, once-in-a-lifetime cruise experience. Cruising to Galapagos, you'll be able to get close to nature, discovering species not found anywhere else
galapagos sealion.jpg


China's lifelife, the Yangtze (or 'Yellow River') stretches some 3,900 miles from Shanghai through China's heartland, and for many makes for a once-in-a-lifetime river cruise.
Yangtze beautiful nanchang tengwang pavilion at dusk.jpg

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