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What type of cruiser are you?

You may choose to go on a cruise for a one off occasion, such as a honeymoon or special birthday, or cruising might be your choice of holiday once, twice or even three times a year. There is a different type of cruise out there to suit everyone, so we have compiled a list of cruiser types so you can see where you fit in.

The One for All

Do you have kids? Ever find yourself booking your annual holiday to please them and not you? A one for all cruise family cruise might just be the answer to your prayers.

There are plenty of activities onboard a cruise ship to keep the kids busy, but still give you some adult fun as well. Many cruise lines offer kid’s clubs and babysitting services so you can sit back and relaxing knowing that your children are not bored out of their minds, and that they are being looked after well. Come together at dinner time for some family time.

As new cruise ships are being built, families are catered for even more. You can now get staterooms that will sleep up to 6 people, which are great for a larger family - and if you book early enough you can get interconnecting rooms on most ships, but these do get booked up fast.

The best cruise lines for families are Royal Caribbean, Norwegian Cruise Lines, Carnival Cruise Lines, Disney Cruise Line, Princess Cruises and P&O Cruises. Most of which offer a choice of either sailing from the UK or flying to your destination.

Plan a break in the school holidays that will make everybody happy, and you'll have the ideal family holiday!

The Honeymooner

Planning a wedding can be one of the most stressful times of your life. Why not consider taking a cruise for your honeymoon? The only thing you will have to worry about is choosing which area of the world you would like to visit. Cruise Select will take care of the booking for you, helping you choose the cruise line, ship and cabin you would like to stay in. And once onboard you will not have to lift a finger if you do not want to.

Any cruise line is a good cruise line to take for your honeymoon, but if you are looking for something extra to make your honeymoon special then we recommend the following cruise lines:

Celebrity Cruises – offer evening celebrations for all newlyweds, and they also give you the option to add on a honeymoon package.

Holland America – you will receive a Honeymoon at Sea party and of course have the option to purchase extra special packages.

Paul Gauguin – a complimentary honeymoon package will be included for all honeymooners.

What a great way to relax after all that stressful wedding planning!

The Wannabe Traveller

Ever wanted to travel the world but haven’t been able to take the time away from work or even been brave enough to leave home for a long time? Take a cruise and you can see multiple places in one trip. Do one or two cruises a year and before you know it, you would have seen the world.

It is also a great way to travel if you are not great with trying new foods. Of course, if you want to dine in port, you can, but if you don’t want to try the local delicacy then you can live safe in the knowledge that you can dine on what you like onboard.

The Retired Traveller

You have spent your life working hard and now it’s your time to sit back, relax and enjoy the rewards. Your kids have flown the nest, so you now have more free time to enjoy yourself.

Cruising is popular with the retired as you can see so many destinations in one trip, and you can travel for a longer amount of time without having to worry about taking the time out of work. Leave all the hard work to the experts at Cruise Select (we are all working hard towards our retirement too) and enjoy exploring the world.

The Solo Cruiser

Cruising solo may seem daunting but fear not, many are in the same boat as you (excuse the pun). If you travel on your own for whatever reason, we can assure you, you will not be alone (unless, of course, you want to be). Many cruise lines offer a service to all single travellers onboard to meet each other at a cocktail party on the first night and you will find many people will just generally talk to you onboard the ship and at dinner. Cruising on your own is also great because you will have all of that cabin space to yourself and you can literally do whatever you want to do.

Sounds like bliss to us!

The Adventurer

Love to explore? Why not take an expedition cruise?

Expedition cruising is designed for cruisers who like to experience a difference. Travel to some of the most remote parts of the world, where not many have ventured before.

The best cruise lines for taking an expedition cruise are Hurtigruten and Silversea, but there are of course many other great expedition lines out there that specialise in cruising for the adventurer. Intrepid adventure travel specialists, G Adventures, have ventured into offering expedition cruising and unforgettable river cruises, while Pandaw also offer river cruising off the beaten track, too.

The Permanent Cruiser

Are you retired? Done with the boring rigmorale of day to day life? Why not become a permanent cruiser?

Cruising actually works out better value for your money than setting up home in a retirement home, plus you will get waited on hand and foot and will never have to cook a meal again.

There is a cruise ship called ‘The World’ where residents live permanently. The residents plan the course the ship is going to take and they travel the world together, all year round.

There you have it. There literally is a cruise for everyone. So we just have one more question to ask....... What type of cruiser are you?

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